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HM 370 Week 5 DQ 1

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Class, the lodging industry has been greatly impacted when it comes to reservations systems. Before, travelers would have to call the property and reserve a room which was written down on paper with a pencil. Now, the lodging industry has access to computer software systems like PMS support to maintain guest reservations, histories of stays, guest loyalty programs, maintaining room management, as well as including A/R and A/P information. For example, Marriott International has two separate PMS to choose from, MARSHA and FOSSE. FOSSE allows associates to handle all information related to guests with the computer. MARSHA is a little more extensive, since it allows revenue managers to change availabilities, enter restrictions to close out reservation making, and make rate changes.

I know many in our class work with restaurants and information is important in this, as well. Have you also noticed, for those who have recently booked airline or cruise travel, that these transportation venues are also using information to help up sell the traveler? In what ways?


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