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HM 370 Week 5 Final Exam Guide

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Complete the Final Examination.


1.       Which of the following is a hospitality business segment?

2.       Which of the following is an example of front-of-the-house guest service?

3.       Back-of-the-house departments are also known as guest services.

4.      The purpose of an all-inclusive guest experience is:

5.       Which of the following is a security implication in hospitality management?

6.       Reducing part time employees and hiring more full time employees is a trend in hospitality leadership.

7.      What does STAR represent?

8.       Restaurants are an example of the ___________ hospitality business segment.

9.       Personalization of services is a trend in guest services management.

1.  What specific role did Mike have in the “You Have A Very Bad Hotel” example?

11.       According to our readings, Heritage tourism attracts guests through attractions which fall into all but ONE of the following:

12.       Which of the following is a hospitality information system?

13.       Events and recreation include all of the following except:

14.       Which of the following is a career in the food and beverage segment?

15.       The purpose of guest service management is:

16.     Which hotel chain has their mission statement as: “the hotel will be recognized internationally as the leading five-star resort in North America” (Walker, 26, Ch. 1)

17.   Which of the following is a trend in hospitality leadership?

e.         Need to create leaders out of line managers

18.       According to our text, Herb Kelleher was one of the renowned transformational leaders who spent most of his career building which organization:

19.       One of the six steps of Six Sigma is creating and validating performance measures:

2.       On the employee site of the virtual organization website, Baderman Island, the Melacon Hotel and Convention Center organizational chart has both the Events Manager and the Facilities Manager reporting directly to the VP of Hotel Operations?

21.       The accounting staff of a hospitality operation usually prepares in their list of responsibilities three key financial statements for management review and analysis: the income statement, balance statement and profit and loss.


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